La Jolie Fleur, Maher-Pietrello, LLC, 24 Southbridge Street, in Worcester MA, is wholly owned by Sean and Charlie, a down to earth family business.                                                                                                                                                                                

The shop was established in 2010 when the two gentlemen originally set up at 263 Park Avenue in Worcester MA. Their original tiny enterprise had previously operated as a small home based custom florist.  Now the shop is located at 24 Southbridge Street, next to the Hanover Theater in downtown Worcester.

La Jolie Fleur has since become a destination flower shop. Beautiful and refreshing.

The works are varied but the company has a passion for a Victorian and country French aesthetic. This penchant comes in large part from Northern European influences and particularly from Wales where Sean was born and raised.

The French call Wales  ..  Pays du Galles  and as Sean often tells customers when they ask what part of France is he from, that he is Welsh not French  ..  or as he says with a smile  ..  Je sues Gallois. 

Typically, French floral designs are mounded and lush, organic, natural and romantic. The pieces are elegant with a touch of luxury even when scaled in the diminutive.  Flowers often touch a neighboring bloom or are positioned in very close proximity.  La Jolie Fleur embraces this styling and quite expertly arranges in this way.  

The design staff exemplifies the old world aesthetic you might expect in a small, red brick shop. They are kind and helpful.  Our staff members are either Floral Design School graduates or have been trained internally. So, naturally the shop uses reliable and approved methods of floristry to ensure balance, form, structural integrity, quality and longevity.

You will find the shopping experience to be authentic.  The shop interior was re-modeled using references to Victorian color choices which dignify the beautiful lines of the tall furnishings and vaulted ceiling.  The shop ambiance is a nod to the mercantile of a by-gone era. 

Charlie and Sean tell us they fell in love with the space at first sight and immediately saw the potential for a bright open concept studio and a charming retail area.   

So ultimately, the company goal to bring authentic European floral sensibility to Worcester, is running on track. The mission to serve the community and provide exclusivity in design, is also hitting target. Genuine passion for floristry and commitment to customer satisfaction is front and center and this speaks volumes to their growing reputation and success.  

La Jolie Fleur's  breathtaking everyday designs and beautiful weddings, are a testament that their business plan is working.  The community at large is embracing this little jewel of a florist on Park Avenue and Charlie and Sean are thrilled.  

"We know it is a privilege and  a gift  to be able to do what you love  ...  working with flowers and helping bring comfort and joy to peoples lives.  We take nothing for granted and are truly thankful for the wonderful reception we're receiving".  

"Worcester's rich European heritage and vibrant diverse community finds something comforting in our distinctly Old World designs.  We know from experience this helps revive fond memories of childhood homelands and brings families a little closer.   We love that, and we love pleasing our customers".  

"It's a big responsibility and we take it very seriously".       Sean and Charlie


La Jolie Fleur  ...  a remarkable little flower shop.


Sean and Charlie

Sean and Charlie